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About Pammi Travels

  Our Buses Routes   1.      Hazaribagh to Tata 2.      Hazaribagh to Ranchi 3.      Hazaribagh to Kolkata 4.      Hazaribagh to Dhanbad 5.      Hazaribagh to Asansol 6.      Hazaribagh to Durgapur 7.      Hazaribagh to Burdwan 8.      Hazaribagh to Giridih 9.      Hazaribagh to Jamua 10.   Hazaribagh to Dwarpahri 11.   Hazaribagh to Gaya 12.   Hazaribagh to Rajgir 13.   Hazaribagh to Chatra 14.   Ranchi to Tata 15.   Ranchi to Hazaribagh 16.   Ranchi to Kolkata 17.   Ranchi to Dhanbad 18.   Ranchi to Nawadih 19.   Ranchi to Asansol 20.   Ranchi to Durgapur 21.   Ranchi to Burdwan 22.   Ranchi to Giridih 23.   Ranchi to Jamua 24.   Ranchi to Dwarpahri 25.   Ranchi to Gaya 26.   Ranchi to Rajgir 27.   Ranchi to Chatra 28.   Hunterganj to Kolkata 29.   Chatra to Ranchi 30.   Chatra to Kolkata 31.   Chatra to Dhanbad 32.   Chatra to Asansol 33.   Chatra to Durgapur 34.   Chatra to Burdwan 35.   Chatra to Giridih 36.   Chatra to Gaya 37.   Chatra to Rajgir 38.   Chatra to Hazaribagh 39.   Giridih to Ranchi 40.   Giridih to Hazaribagh 41.   Jamua to Ranchi 42.   Jamua to Hazaribagh 43.   Dwarpahri to Ranchi 44.   Dwarpahri to Hazaribagh 45.   Tata to Hazaribagh 46.   Tata to Ranchi 47.   Dhanbad to Bokaro 48.   Ranchi to Bokaro 49.   Dhanbad to Hazaribagh 50.   Dhanbad to Ranchi 51.   Dhanbad to Ramgarh 52.   Asansol to Hazaribagh 53.   Asansol to Dhanbad 54.   Kolkata to Hazaribagh 55.   Kolkata to Chatra 56.   Kolkata to Bokaro 57.   Kolkata to Ranchi 58.   Kolkata to Dhanbad 59.   Kolkata to Hunterganj 60.   Rajgir to Ranchi 61.   Rajgir to Hazaribagh 62.   Rajgir to Chatra 63.   Gaya to Ranchi 64.   Gaya to Chatra 65.   Gaya to Hazaribagh 66.   Nawadih to Ranchi    

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Hazaribagh H.O New Bus Stand
New Bus Standopp. Sheetal Restaurant

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