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VRL is one of the leading bus operator associated with Trabol. They are very specialised bus operators and serving people devotedly to provide them good services to travel from destination to the other. They provide passengers with very. With you can book online bus tickets which are operated by VRL.Trabol is one stop destination compares hundreds of Travel sites and Operator sites to find the best Bus deal. Book online bus ticket and have a happy journey. Book Now

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VRL Bus Routes and Services

Routes Buses First Bus Last Bus Lowest Fare Action
Bangalore to Hubli 32 Buses Dep Time: 08:00AM
Arrv Time: 12:30AM
Hrs: 07:15
Dep Time: 11:15PM
Arrv Time: 11:55PM
Hrs: 07:15
450.00 Select date
Bangalore to Dharwad 22 Buses Dep Time: 12:30PM
Arrv Time: 04:00AM
Hrs: 07:45
Dep Time: 11:45PM
Arrv Time: 09:30PM
Hrs: 07:45
500.00 Select date
Bangalore to Kolhapur 18 Buses Dep Time: 07:15AM
Arrv Time: 01:00AM
Hrs: 10:30
Dep Time: 11:00PM
Arrv Time: 11:59PM
Hrs: 09:30
750.00 Select date
Bangalore to Pune 19 Buses Dep Time: 07:15AM
Arrv Time: 03:30AM
Hrs: 15:15
Dep Time: 11:00PM
Arrv Time: 11:30PM
Hrs: 14:00
800.00 Select date
Mumbai to Ahmedabad 2 Buses Dep Time: 09:25AM
Arrv Time: 07:30AM
Hrs: 09:35
Dep Time: 10:15PM
Arrv Time: 07:00PM
Hrs: 09:15
840.00 Select date
Pune to Mumbai 3 Buses Dep Time: 03:30AM
Arrv Time: 05:30AM
Hrs: 02:00
Dep Time: 11:00AM
Arrv Time: 12:30PM
Hrs: 01:30
900.00 Select date
Mumbai to Mangalore 4 Buses Dep Time: 01:00PM
Arrv Time: 06:15AM
Hrs: 17:15
Dep Time: 05:00PM
Arrv Time: 11:30AM
Hrs: 17:15
1000.00 Select date
Bangalore to Mumbai 13 Buses Dep Time: 07:15AM
Arrv Time: 04:25AM
Hrs: 16:40
Dep Time: 11:00PM
Arrv Time: 11:55PM
Hrs: 16:50
1260.00 Select date
Ahmedabad to Bangalore 4 Buses Dep Time: 06:30AM
Arrv Time: 06:30AM
Hrs: 24:00
Dep Time: 06:00PM
Arrv Time: 08:15PM
Hrs: 26:15
1890.00 Select date
Pune to Surat 3 Buses Dep Time: 08:00AM
Arrv Time: 03:15AM
Hrs: 06:40
Dep Time: 11:30PM
Arrv Time: 02:40PM
Hrs: 03:45
1890.00 Select date