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Otherwise called as ‘Mari Kanive’, this dam is around 32 kilometers from Chitradurga. Built in the 20th century under the supervision of Tara Chand Dalal, an engineer under the King Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, it is the oldest dam in Karnataka. The architecture of this dam is simple yet elegant and is regarded as an ‘engineering marvel’. This 162 ft. into 1300 ft dam has two pavilion halls (Mandapam). Adjacent to it is a garden comprising medicinal plants. Also, there is a popular Maarika...
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Constructed in 1924 across the river Kaveri under the direct guidance of Late Sir M. Visweshvaraiah and during the rule of Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, the dam is just 12 km from Srirangapatna. Considered as an engineering marvel, it is built using the mixture of surki, limestone, brick powder, cow dung and egg among others. Though no cement was used in the construction, the dam still happens to be one of the strongest dams to be built. Amazing ………….. isn’t it! So, visit and experience the wo...
Built during 1955 and 1967 across the Krishna River, the dam has a capacity to hold 11,472 million cubic metres of water. It is 490 feet tall and 1.6 kilometers long with 26 gates. During the 1st and 2nd centuries there was a Buddhist settlement at the dam site but is submerged.   Entry Fee: Free Timings During The Day Address Nagarjuna Sagar,Macherla,Guntur, Andhra Pradesh   
It is a dam built across the river Hemavati, just 6 kilometers from K. R. Pet, a small town. There is a temple of Venkataramanaswamy here , which witnesses a car festival every year. A foliage pavement at the foot of the hill near the river is used for the famous cattle race during the car festival. Timing
Any time during day. Visit duration
1 to 2 hours. Address
Hemagiri, Krishnarajpet, Mandya, Karnataka, India.
This dam built in 1920 is on the river which goes by the same name, Mulshi. Over the years this place has become one of the most favorite picnic spot. And it is solely due the peaceful environment, beautiful picturesque with a breathtaking backdrop of Sahyadri hills. The water of this dam is used for irrigation and also to generate electricity at Bhira hydroelectric power plant which was established in 1927 and is operated by the TATA POWER COMPANT LTD. As this place became a popular a...
If you are in Ooty and want to try your luck at fishing then this is the right place. This dam  is around 10 kilometers from Ooty and is one of the favorite picnic spots. The scenic beauty of this place has been captured in several film cameras. Since the place is less crowded, you can enjoy some peace time with rice and fish dishes and quench your  travel thirst to a great extent.

Entry Fee : Free


All days of the week 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Visit Du...
Kadam dam
This dam is constructed across the river Kadaam where the river Godavri and the river Kaddam meet.     Entry Fee: Free Timings During The Day Address kondukur, kadam,Adilabad, andhrapradesh    
It is a reservoir built across the River Suvarnamukhi by the Mysore Maharaja. This is a famous local picnic spot. Entry
Free. Address
Gayatri Jalashaya, Chitradurga, Karnataka.
This dam is about 18 kilometers from Tirupati and is the main source of drinking water for the town. The dam amid mountains provides a stunning, blissful and scenic view. No wonder it is one of those places that makes you give up everything and spend the rest of your life here. Don’t miss the place whatsoever. Even if you don’t get a proper ‘darshan’ of the Lord due to the never ending crowd, this place will fill the entire void in your heart.
Bhavani dam2
The dam is built in 1955 across the river Bhawani and is one of the largest earthen dams in India. A garden adjacent to this dam makes this place one of the favorite picnic spots of Coimbatore. Timings:
9:00 AM - 6:30 PM. Visiting Duration: 1 Hour. Address: Bhavani Sagar Dam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
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