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Built in 1204 AD, this is one of the oldest forts in Karnataka.  At the entrance of the fort you will find 2 small temples, one each of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga. The fort is also famous for its Jain Basadis (in Chalukyan style) and Mosques, and is popular among tourists. Entry
Free. Timing
8:00 AM - 6:30 PM (all days). Visit duration
1 to 2 hours. Address
Belgaum Fort Area, Belgaum, Karnataka 590016 India.
The place has a long history and there is no better way to discover it than strolling around the town. You will come across China nets set up on the beautiful beach of Fort Kochi. Walk further, you will find the glimpses of Fort Emmanuel church built by the Portuguese. It was later destroyed by the Dutch who built the St. Francis Church, which happens to be the first church in India. You will also find Vasco House, a place where Vasco da Gama is believed to have lived. Entry
Free. ...
This 13th century fort was built by King Ganapati Deva and his daughter Rudramma Devi. It spreads over a radius of 19 kilometers and includes beautifully carved arches, pillars and 4 stone gateways. The fort also houses a temple dedicated to Mother of Earth, Swayambhudevi.   Entry Fee: Free Timings During Day Address Warangal, Andhra Pradesh,India
Agra red fort
Sprawling over 380,000 sq m, this UNESCO World Heritage site is located 2.2 km from Taj Mahal on the right bank of River Yamuna.It is built by Mughal Emperor Akbar, after he defeated the Afghans at Panipat in 1556. The fort is often referred as 'walled city' for seventy feet high walls surrounding it on all sides. Out of the four gates at four sides, Delhi Gate and Lahore Gate are the most notable. This fort houses quite a few palaces, mosques and reception rooms besides an octagonal towe...
Amer fort  amber fort
The fort pronounced as Amber has its name derived from the goddess Amba. Built on the hill with the Maota lake as its backdrop the view of the fort seems no less than the one you imagined to be in the stories you were once told. The site being one of the major tourist place in India; reportedly allures 5000 visitors a day. The fort built by Raja Man Singh I in 1592 AD using red sandstone and marble is exceptionally elaborate, detailed, intriguing and immensely grand. The fort was the orig...
Chitradurga fort temples
It is just 1 kilometer from Chitradurga and is built on the hill range of Giridurga. Obavva, a beda woman deserves a mention when we talk about this fort. This brave lady apparently killed hundreds of Haider Ali soldiers with ‘Onake’, a wooden log like thing when they tried to sneak into this fort through a tiny secret entrance now popularly known as ‘Obavva Kindi’ (Obavva's window). This heroic deed epitomized the brave lady in the history and and as a matter of fact, the incident has broug...
Fatehpur sikri
It is a fort built and developed by the Mughal Emperor Akbar and is designed as per Mughal architecture with an amalgamation of Indian, Persian and Islamic styles. The fort has a 3 km long and 1 km wide rocky ridge, and is bounded on three sides with a 6 km long wall that fortified by several towers and seven gates. Located 38.8 km from the Taj Mahal, this UNESCO World Heritage Site can be reached using tour buses that depart after every half an hour between 7 am and 7pm, from Idgah Bus Stat...
Also known as 'Lal Qila', this beautiful structure located in the center of the city is built in 1648 by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site is named so for its massive enclosing walls of red sandstone. It represents the grandeur of the Mughal Court, a perfect fusion of Timurid, Persian and Hindu traditions. Besides being an epicenter of Mughal governance, the monument was the royal residence of Mughals for over 200 years.

The fort houses a number o...
It is a 14th century fort built by the Reddy Kings and is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. Located around 28 kilometers from Guntur on a hill the region, the spot is also a favorite trekking place.The temples at the foothills of Gopinatha and Kathulabave are among the other tourist attractions.   Entry Fee: Free Timings During The Day Address Kondaveedu ,Chilakaluripet ,Guntur, Andhra Pradesh   
The fort, built in the 13th century came under the rules of the Vijayanagara, Chalukya, Qutub Shahi and the Kakatiya dynasties. Located near the Jammalamadugu taluk, it is renowned for the ‘gorge’ appearing between the Erramalai Hills.  There are many temples inside the fort reflecting the typical Vijayanagar architecture, the most famous being the Madhavaswamy temple and the Ranganath Temple.   Entry Fee: Free Timings During The Day Address Gandikota,Jammalamadugu,Cuddapah...
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