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This 110 years old lake spreads up to 200 acres and is one of the most visited spot in the city. There is also a recreational park for children. Visit this place in the evenings and catch the sun set with peace as a side dish. Entry
Free. Timing
During day. Visit Duration
2 to 3 hours. Address
Unakal Lake, Hubli, Karnataka, India.
This lake has been attracting eyes form the time of its creation. The Mughul's who made Kashmir their favorite summer retreat enhanced the beauty of the lake by creating gardens along its large stretch of shore line. The splendid scenic beauty, the houseboats and the beautiful Mughal gardens played a vital role in making Srinagar a favorite tourist destination and hence is often called as “Jewel in the crown of Kashmir” or “Srinagar's Jewel”. This 18 sq km lake has its shore line spread t...
Located at an elevation of 4,350 m, this humongous lake sprawls around 604 sq. km. (around 134 km length and 5 km breadth) with a third of it lying in India and the rest in Tibet. This beautiful lake which stretches as far as your eyes go with snow-capped mountain as its background is among the most favorite tourist destinations of India. The lake supports no aquatic life except for some small crustaceans and has very low micro-vegetation. However several ducks and gulls can be spotted he...
The geographical location of this place has one of the spectacular scenery around it. The lake enjoys of being surrounded by hills populated with trees and orchids. It got its name because of occurrence of a natural phenomenon called ‘Avalanche’ during 1800’s.

This place being serene and not disturbed by the modernization culture has become a paradise for peace lovers and adventurers alike. Facilities for activities such as fishing and rafting are offerd here.The banks of the lake a...
This artificial lake is constructed by a Kakatiya ruler Ganapati Deva during the 13th century. A bird shelter named ‘The Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary’ is also situated near the lake.   Entry Fee: Free Timings During Day Address Pakhal ,Warangal, Andhra Pradesh,India
Situated towards the Pokhran-II area bounded by the Yeur Hills, the lake is surrounded by roads and trees, Rregarded as Thane's ‘lover's paradise’, this has become a popular recreational spot. The Yeur Hills in the background adds on to the beauty of this lake especially in the evening during the sunset. The beauty of the lake can be best seen at night and it is really mesmerizing to see the trees and nearby area fully covered with lights. Worth spending an evening here!
Pichola lake
This 4 km long and 3 km wide site is an artificial freshwater lake named after the nearby Picholi Village. Created in 1362 AD, the lake was primarily formed by building a dam. It has a backdrop of green hills and over the centuries, its surroundings and other islands within it has been developed with palaces, marble temples, family mansions and bathing ghats or chabutaras. The lake houses a palace at the center called as Lake Palace, now converted into a heritage hotel. You can reach the ...
Located around 2 kilometers north-east of Chitradurga hill, it is an important archaeological site. Excavation here has led to the discovery of ancient artifacts such as coins, inscriptions, ruins and stone images belonging to the Hoysala, Kadamba and Sathavahana periods. A rock inscription near the Bhairaveshwara temple indicates the reign of Mayuravarma of Kadamba dynasty here. Entry
Free. Timings
Any time during day. Visit duration
1 to 2 hours. Address
Built in 1894 across Arkavathy River (originating from the Nandi Hills, another magnificent tourist spot), it is a manmade reservoir located 18 kilometers north-west of Bangalore. It was planned by the then Dewan of Mysore and M. C. Hutchins Chief Engineer of Mysore, M. C. Hutchins. The lake is a major tourist attraction as it is a habitat for different kinds of birds. Be there in the wee hours (say around 5:30 am) and you will come across a range of rare birds’ species. As of now, 29 sp...
Boat house in ooty lake1
This beautiful lake waits to greet you as soon as you get out of the central bus stand. It is an artificial lake and is constructed in 1824 by John Sullivan. The water flowing from the mountains in the valleys keeps the lake alive throughout. There is a boat house at the lake that offers paddle boating, rowing and motor boating. Besides, you will also find few amusement parks at the lake side.

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