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This is the place where Sai Baba used to come along with his nearest followers on every alternative night to sleep. Even today, a palki procession is taken every alternative night with huge crowd of devotees accompanying the idol of Sai Baba. The palki is decorated with beautiful flowers and the Idol of Sai Baba is placed inside the palki. The procession begins from Samadhi Mandir and reaches the Chavadi via Dwarkamai Mosque. After the visit, the procession returns to Samadhi Mandir. On a...
  It is the very place where Sai Baba first appeared to the world as a 16 year old boy. The spot is situated under a Neem Tree, which is now considered sacred and very popular for providing shelter to Sai Baba. The Gurusthan has a small shrine with an elevated platform on which a portrait of Sai Baba has been placed. You will also find a Shivlingam and a Nandi in front of the portrait. A marble statue of Sai Baba and a temple with photos of twelve Jyotirlingas are other attractions of ...
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