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Established in 1972 just as a mini-zoo, it grew up to a huge biological park and currently spreads over 105 sq. km. Located around 22 kilometers south of Bangalore, the park is one of the profound and renowned parks in India. Its aim is to conserve the wild animals that are slowly getting extinct. It mainly houses elegant Bengal tigers, exquisite white tigers and panthers among others. The main attractions of this park are the tiger and lion safari, and the beat safari. Latest addition to...
Established in 1964, it is surrounded by dense forest of bamboo and teak. The sanctuary is a home to a wide range of flora and fauna besides to animals such as cheeta, Indian bison, sambhar, sloth bear, tiger, nilgai, panther and barking deer. It also houses reptiles like crocodiles, monitor lizards, python, cobra, star tortoise and others. You can find birds such as quails, eagles, owls, partridge, kites, peacocks, kingfishers and mynahs. Visit during the winter for best experience.   ...
Situated along the Shimoga - Sagar road, the safari takes you between the habitats of wildlife. Looking out for a glimpse of animals itself is an experience on its own. Along with lions and tigers, you can even spot sloth Bear, Deer, Leopards etc. Even the entry fee is quite affordable. There is also a small zoo, a cafeteria and also a museum. It is just 10 kilometers from Shimoga! Entry
Rs. 15 (without camera), Rs. 50 (with camera - video cameras Rs. 150). Rs. 40 (safari bus ride). ...
Located 3 kilometers from Srirangapatna, the sanctuary is made of six islets on the banks of river Kaveri and is one of the largest, popular and the most visited sanctuary in Karnataka. It is declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1940 by the Wodeyar Kings of Mysore based on the observations and suggestions made by the ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali. Large numbers of birds migrate to this place with many making this their abode. Ranger-guided boat tours are also available throughout the day, an...
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It is a camp of elephants and for elephants, and is arguably one of the best places for kids with you, and in you. Tourists are allowed to bathe elephants and feed them. If you think the pleasure and the amusement involved in this activity is exaggerated and lame, try it once. Dubare also offers water boating, kayaking and rafting. This will be one of a kind experience in your life time.  Timing
8:00 AM – 9:00 PM. Visiting hours
2-3 hours. Address
Maintained and run by the Forest Department of Goa, it is located 38 kilometers from Margao and is contained within 8 kilometers. This sanctuary is the most famous of the three sanctuaries of Goa especially among kids though it is the smallest of them. As a matter of fact the sanctuary is more a jungle resort than a wildlife sanctuary. It has a mini zoo housing a deer park, animals such as Indian Bison & Indian peafowl and a large number of snakes’ species in their natural habitat. Th...
It is an ecotourism center worth visiting. Depending upon the time you visit the place, you might be fortunate to spend some time with these beautiful creatures. The interaction with these elephants might be a memory which will stay with you for a long time. Kids particularly will enjoy this encounter with elephants. Entry
Free. Timing
8.30 AM to 6 PM. Visit duration
2 to 3 hours. Address
Sakrebailu Elephant Camp, Shimoga - Thirthahalli road, Karnataka.
This is one of the many water bodies found in Thane and is a popular site for bird conservation. The site is home to more than 205 species of birds including some of the very rare species such as Golden Plover, Whistling Teals, Hoopoe, Grey Plove and Avocet. Besides the above, several common water birds such as Pied Avocet, White Stork, Asian Open Bill Stork, Dunlin, Eastern Golden Plover, Greater Flamingo, Ruddy Turnstone and Lesser Flamingo are also found here.
Indian tiger at bhadra wildlife sanctuary
It has its name from a perennial river Bhadra that flows through this sanctuary. Positioned amidst dry deciduous, moist deciduous and semi evergreen forests of the Western Ghats, it is a habitat for a vast variety of flora and fauna. In 1998, the place was declared as the 25th Project Tiger of the country. The wild safari is the major attraction here, which allows the tourists to explore the rich diversity of flora and fauna of this place. The sanctuary is home to animals like bison, gaur...
It is a hub for water sport and is located on the back waters of river Sharavathi. ‘Honnemaradu’ means ‘Land of Golden Sand’. The 80 km by 50 km reservoir here is called as ‘Golden Lake’ since its resemblance to gold during the sunset. There is a small island within the reservoir that acts as a water sport hub and is being extensively used by avid campers and adventurers. The spot is also a famous bird watching paradise with a range of birds visiting the place regularly. Timing
10 AM ...
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