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This market where Saturday comes alive, is located in Arpora, North Goa and has been short-listed as Asia’s top 20 street markets. It is here you will find a wide range of stalls set up from 4 pm until the midnight. The market is a hub for both sellers of either ends. You can also by many international products (by the way the list never ends) and surprisingly some of them can be found only here. Saturday Night Market can be divided into 3 sections; The Lower Field selling exotic Indian m...
Laad Bazaar, a kilometer long shopping street that has stood from the times of the Qutb Shahi. Laad means ‘lacquer’, one of the important materials used in preparation of bangles. The street is full of bangle shops with a rare collection of bangles you would have never dreamed of. There are also shops selling accessories, saris, traditional clothes; to summarize, the street is ladies’ shopping paradise. This is also very close to Charminar. Visiting Duration
2-3 Hours. Address
Manek Chowk is a very prominent square and one of the busiest market areas in Ahmedabad. In fact, it is the second biggest market hub in India with approximately 3 million rupees of annual turnover. The Chowk is renowned for its gold trade market and a wide array of antiques. This bustling open square functions as vegetable market in the morning, jewelery / bullion market in the afternoon and as street food market at night. Besides the gold trade, the other main attraction here are the fo...
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