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It is one of the most thronged tourist spots in Karnataka. This is created when the island town of Shivasamudra divides the river Kaveri into twin waterfalls. Here, the flow of water is broken into several channels with an average width of 305 meters. There is a watch tower offering a spectacular view of the waterfall. A Darga close to the falls do also provide you a beautiful picture of the falls. A Hydro-electric Power station established here in 1902 is one of the first in Asia. You wi...
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Regarded as the highest waterfall of Andhra Pradesh, it is located near Neredikonda village in Adilabad. It is believed that Shakuntala used to bathe here and hence the name ‘Kuntala Waterfalls’. Myth is also that it was here Shakuntala and Dushyanta fell in love. There is a temple of Someshwara Swami nearby, which is a very popular tourist destination. Entry Fee: Free Timings During Day Address kuntala waterfalls, Walking Path to falls, Kuntala Khurd, Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh...
River Sharavathi jumps from the height of 253 meters (830 ft) to make it ‘Jog Falls’, one of the must see places India and the second largest waterfall in India after Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya. The impact of this spectacular waterfall escalates during monsoons with its four jets namely Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket at their peak speed. It is located at around 110 kilometers from Shimoga. Entry
Free. Timing
6:00 AM - 8:00 PM (laser light show and musical karanji (7 PM - 9 PM...
Bhara chukki falls 1
Being the twin of Gaganachukki Falls, it is just a couple of kilometers away. The falls is also called as the Eastern Falls. Here, the water takes leap of 350 feet to become the 2nd largest waterfall in India. Entry
Free. Timings
Any time during day. Visit Duration
2 to 3 hours. Address
Bharachukki Falls, Mandya, Karnataka, India.
Located just 8 kilometers from Madikeri, this waterfall is one of the top 3 tourist places in the city. Besides, it also happens to be one of the favorite spot for the film industry. You need to walk for around a kilometer (from the place you park your vehicle) to reach the core spot  and the roar of waterfall will lure you to it just like fragrance of a flower attracting a honey bee towards it. Visiting hours
1-2 hours. Address
Madikeri, Hebbettageri, Karnataka 571201.  
Situated 65 kilometers from Belgaum city, it is popularly called as miniature Niagara Falls. The Ghataprabha River dives over 170 feet creating a breathtaking view. There is also a hanging bridge about 14 meters above the bed rock. Monuments from the Chalukya times add to the significance of this place. There is also a temple of Lord Mahalingeshwara, a post Chalukyan era architecture. Entry
Free. Timings
8:00 AM - 6:30 PM (all days). Visit duration
2 to 3 hours. Add...
It is about 15 kilometers from Gokak and around 40 kilometers from Belgaum. The fall displays its full glory during monsoon season. For trekkers, adventure seekers and people who are looking for some peace this is an ideal place. It is also called as Markandeya falls since it is the river Markandeya that flows to the Godachinmalki village and then takes two leaps, one of 25 meters of height and after a short distance another fall of 20 meters. Entry
Free. Visit duration
2 to 3 ...
Pochera waterfalls
This waterfall is created by the river Godavari when it takes a leap of 20 meter in the Sahyadri mountain range. The thick dense forest surrounding it makes the place ideal for trekkers.   Entry Fee: Free Timings During Day Address  Pochera Water Falls Rd,Adilabad,Andhra Pradesh 504323
Tillari, located 65 kilometers from Belgaum is one of the most popular and loved tourist destinations especially by the student community. The reason for this is quite obvious; the terrain to reach this place is somewhat adventurous considering the curvings and bendings through the ‘Ghat’ road. There are scores of small waterfalls, which are active usually during the rainy season. You also come across numerous sight-seeing spots while you pass-by. Waterfalls, breathtaking and mind-numbing la...
This waterfall is situated around 11 kilometers from Guntur. Three streams namely Chandravanka Vagu, Nakkala Vagu and Tummala Vagu combine and leap from 70 feet to create the fall. There is a view point built across the waterfall that gives the best possible sight of the waterfall. The fall then joins the Krishna River after a course of 3 kilometers. At the lagoon of this waterfall, there is a crocodile breeding center.   Entry Fee: Free Timings During The Day Address Nagar...
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