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The city of pearls, lakes and IT companies is the city of Hyderabad. The city is filled with thousands of light that adds value to its heritage attractions. Feel the panorama of the past from its rich mixed culture and tradition. The city is flooded with flavours that blends the royal zest along with mouth watering and yummy Hyderabad Biryani which is prepared in the so called Shahi style that would make you feel royal. The biryani is garnished with a leaf of mint ,golden fried onion and an egg. Don't panic if you are veggie, yet you also get to have the spicy biryani flavoured with kebabs.Not to forget the quick bite options available on the roadside that would make you go woo with its one of its kind of dishes such as pizza, burger, panni puri which can give a huge run to the most of the so called branded restaurants. The city offers you culinary feast ranging from Chinese to Italian to Lebanese which brings in tourists from all over the world. Not to forget the deserts to satisfy your sweet tooth with bread pudding and kheer. This is just one part of the entire charm of Hyderabad, visit the city to know more insights about of the city.  

Charminar, meaning ‘four pillars’, is the jewel of Hyderabad. It is built by the fifth ruler of Qutb Shahi Dynasty, Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 AD. Anybody visiting Hyderabad will (should) make it a point to catch this elegant monument first. It is believed that the king had vowed to build a mosque on the site he prayed if the plague that had hit the city be eradicated. When god answered his prayers, he got constructed a beautiful monument that is standing tall ever since. E...
Though Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah began the construction of this stunning piece of memorial in 1617, it was actually completed in 1694, after 77 years, by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzed. This is built using bricks made from the soil brought from Mecca and so the name. The mosque has three arched facades carved out of a single piece of stone and is said to have taken five years to quarry. Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, the French explorer, is quoted saying “this mosque would be one of the grandest mo...
Laad Bazaar, a kilometer long shopping street that has stood from the times of the Qutb Shahi. Laad means ‘lacquer’, one of the important materials used in preparation of bangles. The street is full of bangle shops with a rare collection of bangles you would have never dreamed of. There are also shops selling accessories, saris, traditional clothes; to summarize, the street is ladies’ shopping paradise. This is also very close to Charminar. Visiting Duration
2-3 Hours. Address
Built by the Nizams, the palace which defined Hyderabad is one of the must see tourist places. The construction of Chowmahalla meaning “four palaces” began in 1750 under Salabat Jung and took more than 100 years to complete. It was finally completed under Afzal ad-Dawlah, Asaf Jah V, the fifth Nizam. The palace consists of two courtyards - Northern and Southern, a durbar hall, fountains and gardens. The southern courtyard again comprises four palaces; Afzal Mahal, Mahtab Mahal, Tahniyat M...
Although in ruins, this fort is one of the most famous tourist attractions. Renowned for its architecture, exceptional acoustics, water supply system and Fateh Rahben gun, the fort was once home to the king of all diamonds ‘the Koh-i-noor diamond’ along with the other most coveted diamonds. Originally a mud fort built by Kakatiyas in 945 CE-970CE, it was later renovated into a stone structure by the Qutb Shahi’s. Another attraction here is the sound and light show during the evenings. The...
Situated around a kilometer from the Golconda Fort, this is the place where the seven Qutub Shahi kings rest in peace. Like all the monuments of the Qutub Shahi’s, even this structure is a solid display of grand architecture and the dynasty’s legacy. There are tombs of the other family members also, but the tombs of these seven kings are of prime attractions. Entry Fee
Rs. 10 (adults), Rs. 5 (children) and Rs. 20 (camera for photography). Timing
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM (all days exce...
Salar jung museum 1
Established in 1951, the museum is the biggest one-man collection in the world and also the third largest museum in India. Most of the collections here were acquired by Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, popularly known as Salar Jung III. One of the major attractions of this museum is a collection of the holy Quran including the one which is written in gold and silver. Entry Fee
Rs. 10 (Indians), Rs. 150 (foreigners) and Rs. 50 (camera). Timing
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (all days except Friday). ...
Spread over 380 acre, this park is established in 1959 and currently houses more than 100 species of animals. It offers safaris, educational shows and feeding sessions every day. As the zoo is located besides a 600 acre Mir Alam Tank, it attracts several migratory birds as well and adds to the tourist value of the park. Entry Fee
Rs. 5 - 10 per person. Timing
8:00 AM - 5:30 PM(April to June) and 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM(July to March) - all days except Monday. Visiting Duration
It is a place where fantasies put on paper come to life. This extraordinarily large 1666 acre film studio is the biggest of its kind in the world. Movies from regional languages of India to English are shot here along with several commercials. The studio is a tourism place in addition of being a recreational center. There are many tour guide facilities provided here showcasing some of the studio settings. Hawa Mahal, a miniature of the Golconda Fort atop a hill gives you a 3600 view of the w...
Keen to experience how does it feel to make a snow man, ski on ice, throw snow-balls at your friends or just lie on the snow but cannot visit to places where it snows or cannot wait for the winter season to visit? Then this is the place. Blow your stress with snow here! Entry Fee
Rs. 400  (adults), Rs. 250 (children), Rs. 225 (school students) and Rs. 275 (college students). Timing                      
11:00 AM - 8:00 PM (all days). Visiting Duration
3 - 4 Hours. A...
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