Delhi, Delhi

About Delhi

If you love to witness two different worlds then you are on the right track. The Old Delhi emphasizes the beauty and the dynamism of Islamic India whereas the New Delhi that is composed by the British Raj is filled with three lined avenues. The city has gained its prominent position not only from its magnificent monuments but also from its diversifying cultural heritage.

Not to forget the famous Chandni Chowk which is also called as the Food capital of India that is famous for its mouth watering street food. Get ready to shed your high -brow attitude to soak youself in the flavours. Visiting Delhi and not have Butter Chicken is a great sin... I feel sorry for all the Ghas Phoos eaters. Yet, you also have some authentic options such as Dal Makhan, Tandoori Roti and Raajma. No wonder most of the political activity traces its root here. To get to the history of the Mahabharata, which had their capital at Indraprastha is geographically located in Delhi.

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