Hampi, Karnataka

About Hampi

Hampi is one of the Heritage places that is located near Hospet in Karnataka. Lot of tourists visit Hampi even in its ruined state as the boulder hills that make Hampi quite unique and fascinating. Hampi is surrounded with hills, valleys and monuments, apart from this you also can visit the historic temples, inside places, royal buildings, treasures palaces and so on as the list can never end. Hampi is a place filled with surprise in every step you move as it is hidden with lot of things that might get reveled on the go. In short, it is like a museum. Apart from this, lots of the trading activities of horses to gem take place in this place. The humpi architecture is one of its kind and you will never ever find such exclusive designs. The art work in the temples are also unique and each symbolizes has its own very place in the history.

Hampi City Facts

Populations: 2,06,159
State: Karnataka
Famous for/as: Temples
Languages: Kannada,Hindi
Opening Timings: 4 AM To 1 AM
Pin Code: 583201
STD Code: 08394
Currency: Rupees
Best Season: Sep-Aprl
Weather: Summer 30 to 42C,Winter 12-30C
Altitude: 480 meters
Fun Facts: Hampi Is Famous For Temples.Visit All temples

Top Hangouts In Hampi

Built in the 15th century, it is one of the most magnificent and amazing structures of the country. Dedicated to Vit...
Purandaradasa mantapa hampi dr. murali mohan gurram  1
Located near Vijaya Vittal temple, the site is supposedly the place where saint poet Purandaradasa composed about 75...
Ancient ruins at rocky matanga hills in india 315616
This hill is famous for its treacherous trekking path and the Veerabhadra temple atop the hill. The temple is associ...
Probably one of the last of the temples built by the Vijayanagara Empire, it is situated where the hills ‘Gandhamada...
An architectural marvel and a metaphorical representation of how Lord Shiva brought the Ganga to the earth from heav...
One of the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, Hampi was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire from 1336 to 1...
This is one of the oldest temples in Hampi and is dedicated to Prasanna Virupaksha, an avatar of Lord Shiva. True to...
View of the hazara ramaswami temple.
Located in the heart of Hampi, this temple is smaller than others. It is dedicated to Lord Rama and is adorned with ...
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This cubical monument that can be seen from the Vijaya Vittala temple has pillars carved out with different designs....
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This 7th century temple of Lord Shiva is located very close to the sacred Tungabhadra River. It is regarded as one o...

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